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Category : Books

The Secret (By Rhonda Byrne)

Law of Attraction revisited Old ideas presented with a new twist. Targeted for mass. Simple to read and assimilate. A runaway best seller in 2006, Secret is a simple and readable book essentially expanding on the idea of “Law of attraction” and the power of positive thinking. A documentary was also released in the same […]

The Master Key System (By Charles F Haneel)

A business man’s spiritual letters to his employees Transformational book. Requires intense reading This is a fascinating book that provides interesting insights into the power of thoughts and how they shape the outcomes we experience in our lives. The fact that this was written during the great economic depression in the 1930 and structured as […]

Power of Intention (By Wayne Dyer)

Defining a new way to co-create our future A classic book of Wayne Dyer written with authority and conviction. Will appeal only for serious readers. This is an interesting book that gives a new perspective to the word ‘Intention’. Dr. Wayne Dyer positions ‘Intention’ as a ‘force in the universe’ rather than as ‘something we […]

Thick Face, Black Heart (By Chin-Ning Chu)

An unusual book with a counter intuitive message This book may not appeal to all, but there are few good take away points if you read with an open mind. This is first book I read written by an Asian author and had no expectations when reading the book. The book’s title appears to give […]

Awaken the Giant Within (By Anthony Robbins)

A book that will stir your thinking and spur you to take action Should be on top reading list on ‘self development’ This was the first motivational book I read many many years back and it continues to be in my Top 10 best books on personal development. This book had a deep personal impact […]

Unlimited Power (By Anthony Robbins)

An uplifting book First book of Anthony Robbins released in 1987, stayed best seller for a long time I read this book after reading his second best seller ‘Awaken the giant within’ so I found this book a bit less engaging. But nevertheless it is a book worth reading given the persuasive communication style of […]

God is my Coach (By Larry Julian)

A book that provides directional clarity during confusing times in life If you are at cross roads, unsure of future direction, read this book to get some answers. This is a very interesting book written with a spiritual inclination offering very useful insights on how to decide and act when we are at cross roads […]

Stronger heart, wiser mind (By Lim How)

A well written book that makes you feel charged up during tough times If you are going through adversity and trying times, read this book for some re-assuring thoughts This is an exceptionally well written book by another Asian author. I read this book during a very challenging period I was personally going through in […]

Courage – The joy of living dangerously (By Osho)

An excellent book that deals with the idea of living with uncertainty Osho’s ideas have often been controversial but this book will be loved even by critics. According to Osho, courage does not mean fearlessness. It is exploring the unknown inspite of the fears. Courage is not absence of fear. A fearful person listens to […]

Real Power – Business lessons from Tao Te Ching (By James Autry and Stephen Mitchell)

A book that provides new perspectives on ‘Power’ A very different leadership book that provides new perspectives on leading and managing This is an interesting book written by two business consultants who have used the Tao Te Ching’s teachings to draw parallels to the business world in helping managers and business leaders understand what is […]

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