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Category : Wellness

Happiness is linked to 'what you do', not 'what you have'

Happiness is linked to ‘what you do’, not ‘what you have’

We are living in an age of material abundance. We have access to an array of material things and gadgets ranging from cars, LED TVs, Ipads, iphones, laptops and many more gizmos that have truly transformed our lives from the way we commute, consume entertainment, communicate and do our daily work. The Internet and world […]

What does it take for the mind to be truly in a 'Flow state'

What does it take for the mind to be truly in a ‘Flow state’

I came across this interesting presentation by Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mind Valley (a hugely successful media publishing company that is involved in promoting self development programs and authors with new age media platforms). In this 40 minutes presentation two things stood out. One was the link between Happiness and Vision which I would like […]

Believe while others...An inspiring poem

Believe while others…An inspiring poem

I love this message and had it pinned up in my start up office notice board many years back. It was like a daily reminder for me. I have tried to live by some of the principles stated here, particularly the last one. Believe while others By William Arthur Ward Believe while others are doubting. […]

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