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Heart Pepper is a one stop source for finding simple inspiration to everyday life issues

What is Heart Pepper and what we do?

Heart Pepper is a one stop source for finding simple inspiration to everyday life issues. It’s a place where you can look up for nuggets of wisdom, inspirational & motivational thoughts, messages and ideas in small digestible doses. It’s a place where you can get nourishing thoughts that lifts your spirits and encourages you to see life with a positive frame of mind. Think of it as the “coffee for the soul” that perks up your spirit and gives you the little boost to your inner energy. At Heart Pepper we want to provide you with a memorable collection of inspirational & motivational thoughts, picked with care, representing the wisdom from the best minds on this planet and presented in creative formats including unique inspirational merchandise that you can hold, keep and cherish.

Our goal is to help you stay motivated and inspired and give you reasons to look at life in a more positive way

What is our goal?

Thoughts are very powerful. They are a form of energy that pervades human consciousness. Positive thoughts propel us to take positive actions. But unfortunately we are habituated to processing negative and dis-empowering thoughts more often than positive thoughts. We readily believe negative thoughts whether imagined or real, while we look for evidence and proof before believing in positive thoughts.

At Heart pepper, we want to give you more reasons to look at life in a positive way. We will share the thoughts and messages of many inspiring people who live amongst us and who have lived before us and provide you with the tools, ideas and methods to lead an inspired and positive life. There is only one life to live now. So let’s do whatever it takes to make Life memorable rather than miserable.

Discover the best of motivational thoughts, inspirational content, Life quotes, picture quotes, inspiring pictures, posters and some creative products

What will you find here?

One guiding philosophy used in Heart-Pepper is to convey ideas in a way that is authentic, genuine and simple. We also try to present our thoughts in visually engaging & creative ways.

In the WORK LIFE, WELLNESS, INSPIRATION, section, you will find posts around various topics such as Staying motivated and positive, living an inspired life, overcoming adversity, lessons from failure, finding happiness, life lessons from Nature & more. We try to keep these posts short, interesting and engaging.

We have a PRODUCTS section where we intend to showcase a collection of inspirational products that are unusual, unique, creative and high quality. At the moment in the products section, you will see an excellent collection of Inspirational canvas prints (wall décor items) with thoughtful messages and stunning visuals.

You will also find thoughtful quips and inspirational life quotes put up on sticky note in the STICKY THOUGHTS section. And finally we have a SELF HELP BOOKS & APPS section where you will find a useful listing of resources ranging from motivational books, inspirational videos, uplifting music, tools used for this blog, productivity tools and more.




Who is behind this?

Heart-Pepper was launched in Jan 2014 by Sairam N Swami, a Corporate professional turned entrepreneur with a creative spark and an insatiable flair for promoting and growing new start-up initiatives. With a life-long addiction for reading self-development books, listening to inspirational audios & videos, he felt the urge to start Heart-Pepper as a platform to share inspirational / motivational content, distilling the essence from the teachings of some of the greatest teachers on the planet. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he is well remembered by many of his friends for sending creative New year cards each year.

Come, join the journey and help spread the word

Please get involved in the site by posting your comments, sharing posts you love, with your friends and colleagues. Please also leave your feedback through the feedback section and share your thoughts/ideas to improve Heart Pepper. Your actions are greatly appreciated.

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